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Backup Generators LLC provides Sales and Service of Whole Home Backup Generators. Difficult times that we are in brings uncertainty about a lot of things. That is why we make sure inventory is available! Backup Generators LLC offers two types of packages: 1. Turnkey Installations – Installations of whole home generators in certain areas 2. Contractor Ready Packages – We deliver and set the generator on a pad to your home in a few days. The generators are prepped at our shop before.......

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Turnkey Installations

Are available in certain areas. We provide the installation of the generators i....


Contractor Ready Packages

This includes delivery, setting, and programming the generator. This allows the....



If you’re an electrician or plumber and buy several generators a year, we hav....


Generator Service

We do annual preventative maintenance on any generator brand as well as general....


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Client’s Feedback

Good place to do business. Kip seems to be a caring down to earth kind of guy who always answered my question quickly all the way thru the process, even after hours and on weekends. Happy with everything about our purchase so far.

Norris and Tammy Wimberley

Excellent, professional, friendly! Hands down the best service you’ll find anywhere! Our generator looks great and works perfectly! Peace of mind knowing we had a perfect install and peace of mind during power outages.

Shelly Little

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the generator depends on how many amps your house uses. If you have a gas furnace, then you won’t need as big of a generator if you didn’t have one.

Price depends on what size generator you need and how far away the generator sits from your electric and gas meter.

We need to know if you have propane or natural gas. The number of AC units that you have. Is your furnace a heat pump or heat strips? For turnkey installations the most important thing we need is a picture of where your electric and gas meter is located. Make sure you’re back far enough so we can see where to put the generator. 95% of the time we can get you a price off of the pictures!

We keep 20kW and 26kW generators in stock. Lead time depends on if you need a turnkey insulation or you would like our contractor package. Our Contractor Package can be delivered within three days. If you need a turnkey insulation, it varies depending on our contractors schedule. Most of the time we can have what you want installed within seven days, if not sooner!

We cover East Texas, DFW, and the whole state of Louisiana.

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